National Bike Summit Overview


Overview of 1st National Bike Summit

When: Thursday June 1st – 3pm-5pm ET
Where: Online (see below) and Houses of Parliament (Ottawa, Ontario)

Goal: to demonstrate that there are a variety of stakeholders who believe that the Federal government should create a National Cycling Strategy for Canada and dedicate funds for the construction of cycling infrastructure across the country. 

If there is to be wide spread adoption of cycling across Canada, federal funding for cycling infrastructure construction and policy support will be necessary.

Key Resource: National Cycling Strategy Overview document (2016)

Summit Format: In the spirit of a Parliamentary Special Committee Meeting.

1. Welcome to delegates.
2. Overview of progress on a National Cycling Strategy & Next Steps.
3. Eight speakers representing a variety of cycling stakeholders will then be asked to respond to two questions: (“Why is Federal support for a National Cycling Strategy (NCS) for Canada, including funding for cycling infrastructure, important to the people and/or organization you represent?” & “What should the federal government consider when developing the NCS?”)
4. Group discussion.
5. Wrap Up

How to participate:
1) Attend in person (limited room, invitation only)
2) Attend via Webinar (no limit, all welcome!)

3) Contribute testimony by submitting a written brief (responding to the two questions above). See the submission form for more info.

Don’t forget:
You can also join the ongoing discussion via Facebook or Twitter.